CFLTFC Property Rental  - 2017 Rentals

The Three Fires Council has transitioned all TFC facility rentals to a new electronic system. The new property rental system is available online for 2017+ reservations.  REGISTERNOW

Camp Big Timber - Elgin, IL
Camp Freeland Leslie - Oxford, WI

Pricing: The 2017 pricing can be found on the property rental site when making reservations.  Deposits will not be required in 2017 but any damage incurred will be billed to the Unit at $50.00 per hour + costs - minimum 1 hour charge.

Please note: Currently, Ansel Cabin at Camp Big Timber has been taken off of rental availability due to storage needs at Camp Big Timber.  

For assistance, please call the Program Assistant  - Laura Roegner at 630-797-4600.