Pack444 ukulele donation 091818 1Back-to-school time marks the return of many familiar sounds: classroom banter, lunchroom chatter, and playground laughter. This fall, a new sound joins the mix at Meadow Glens School in Naperville, Ill. It’s the sound of ukulele music, thanks to a donation from Cub Scout Pack 444. Following a successful fundraising campaign during the 2017-18 school year, the Pack donated $1,000 to the Meadow Glens music program. Pack leadership, in collaboration with school administrators, then applied the funds to the purchase of 31 ukuleles. On September 18, the Scouts formally presented their donation to Meadow Glens principal Katy Lynch, assistant principal Melissa Jankowski, and music teacher Caitlyn Skrbec. “Good citizenship and friendly service are key tenets of Scouting,” explained Pack 444 treasurer Tracey Gorrell. “When the Pack exceeded its popcorn sales targets last year, the leadership committee agreed we wanted to give back to Meadow Glens in appreciation of the support they’ve given us for nearly 30 years.” Pack 444 has been chartered by Meadow Glens Home & School since 1989. Aurora Beacon News Article