SNFS2017 CUB SCOUT SCHOOL NIGHT FOR SCOUTING OVERVIEW -  Plan a registration event at every Elementary School one night:  Thursday, September 14, 2017.

•Connect recruitment to incentive to exciting program:  Recruitment is supported with an incentive item (rocket) and a program element (den, pack, and council events for all Cubs)
•Provide leadership to cover your local elementary school on September 14th to join Scouting!”
•Utilize an on-line BSA application for those families that cannot attend on the 14th
•Expanded flyer/promotion of Scouting

•Packs attend Recruitment Training at Roundtable
•Packs promote their unit throughout the summer at community events (parades, festivals, National Night Out, church events, etc.)
•Packs attend School Open House / Meet the Teacher Night to promote Scouting
•Packs staff every Elementary Schools on September 14 to register new Scouts
•Provide a Pack calendar with contact information and the next meeting date
•Turn in applications at District Turn-In Center on September 14
•Designate a separate meeting to orient parents (and recruit necessary adult leaders)
***Every Cub Scout Pack should organize and recruit 1 or more Lion Dens.  Packs that organized Lion Dens last year had great success in recruiting more youth and parents/leaders that signed up with them.***