CFLTFC Property Rental  - 2017 Rentals

The Three Fires Council has transitioned all TFC facility rentals to an electronic system. The property rental system is available online for 2017/2018 reservations based on a rolling year. You can reserve up to 1 year in advance.  REGISTERNOW

Camp Big Timber - Elgin, IL
Camp Freeland Leslie - Oxford, WI

Pricing: Pricing can be found on the property rental site when making reservations.  Deposits will not be required but any damage incurred will be billed to the Unit at $50.00 per hour + costs - minimum 1 hour charge.

Please note: Currently, Ansel Cabin at Camp Big Timber has been taken off of rental availability due to storage needs at Camp Big Timber.  

For assistance, please call the Program Assistant  - Laura Roegner at 630-797-4600.